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Dawa Lama

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Dawa is our experienced guide who has led many trekkers to their destination around Nepal. He is responsible and can handle a large group at a time. He is familiar with most of the places in Nepal and can even share information about every place with you. He believes that the cultural tradition and natural scenario of Nepal should be promoted so that we could one day be known as beautiful people from the beautiful country. His friendly personality makes him famous among the trekkers and he is comfortable being around with.

Bishes Khadka

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Bishes has about 5 years of driving experience. He has always been safe and careful while driving which is why many customers trust his skills. He is well- experienced, professional and friendly. Enjoying the drive with him becomes much comfortable as he is energetic, sincere, understanding and moreover a responsible one.

Krishna Kafle

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Krishna, Founder of Mega International Tours and Travels, holds 15 years of work experience in the Tourism industry. With his wide experience in the Tourism sector, he established his own company in 2014 A.D.His mission statement is “We believe in guiding, making your tour best out of all, letting you explore the valuable places and feel the spectacular view of nature closely”.  He is responsible for dictating overall strategies within the company as well as formulating and successfully implementing company policy.

He has always shown a keen interest in the Tourism sector.  He believed that Travelling is one great form of learning. He promotes tourism sector by actively participating in tourism-related programs and has expressed his views about tourism through different sources of media such as Radio, Television.

Sumi Kafle

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Sumi brings high level expertise and aspiration to our company with her long experience in social services organization. With the aim of contributing and preserving nature and natural resources, Sumi is interested in the various nature-related program. She is committed to proving the best of services to the visitors and ensures that they have a positive effect and tourism can be a real help to protect nature and the natural environment.

Sunita Gautam

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Sunita is a licensed trekking guide who completed her bachelor degree from NATHM, one of the renowned Tourism college and also trained as a trekking guide from the reputed institute. She believes that travel makes one extreme, trekking makes one modest and adventure makes one intense. She has chosen an enormous path which leads her to explore the real nature with cultural and religious diversity. She is fond of trekking and exploring things as she says that it provides her with an opportunity to meet many different peoples from different background and visiting high Himalayas valleys gravelled roads, steep hills have been her passion ever since her early days. She is dedicated, sincere and always ready for the new thrill.


Sheela Pandey

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Apart from outdoor services, Sheela handles the responsibilities inside the company. She is currently pursuing her bachelor degree from GMs College. She is the one responsible for greetings the visitors, replying their queries, providing services to the visitors. She is also responsible for content writing and blog writing. She is great in Multitasking, handles everything with her cheerful personalities and believes in hardworking, never giving up spirit and success.