Hunting Reserves In Nepal

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Hunting Reserves

Trip Highlights

  • Exploring nature and Natural resources
  • Place for a Hunting adventure
  • Trekking activities
  • Different species of Birds and Animals
  • Sightseeing
  • Exploration of culture and Tradition

Hunting Reserves

Hunting reserves is a large area of like where the rare and endangered species are preserved and are hunted in a controlled way only as sports. This helps in preserving wildlife species by stopping illegal hunting and poaching. Human beings are born with several passions. Some may be interested in knowledge and accessories whereas some may be passionate about hunting. Therefore, hunting can be taken as one of the adventures in Nepal. Hunting can be risky as well as intense but there are those who love to play with the risk and adventure with strong physical fitness and mentality.

Nepal is an ideal place for adventure Tourism as we are blessed with a natural scenario and geographical structure. We have the world’s highest mountain peak and the fast flowing water resources which can be used to carry out various adventures. Besides we are even blessed with flora and fauna which are preserved in National parks and hunting reserves, where adventure sports such as jungle safari, jeep safari and even Hunting can be carried out as there is only one hunting reserve in Nepal and that is Dhorpatan Hunting Reserves.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserves

Nepal’s only one hunting reserves which lies in Rukum, Myagdi and Baglung District in the Dhaulagiri Himal Range in Western Nepal. It was established in 1983 and was announced to Public in the year 1987. It covers a total area of 1325 km. various trees species including Fir, pine, birch, rhododendron, hemlock, juniper, oak and animal species including Blue sheep, ghoral, serow, Himalayan thare, black bear, pheasant etc are haunted here. Blue sheep is the highly targeted animal here. Hunting is allowed with proper license and certain season of the year. The license is issued by the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation in Kathmandu.


Activities in hunting reserves


By its name itself, the major activities carried out in hunting reserve is hunting. There are several seasons for hunting as well; mostly hunting is carried out from May to September. Hunting can be done only by the permit from the Government. Illegal hunting and poaching is prohibiated. Hunting of various species such as sheep, ghoral, serow, Himalayan thare, black bear are done.



Beside Hunting, Dhorpatan is well known place for Trekking as well as lot of Trekkers from Inside and Outside the country come to explore the natural resources along with Flora and fauna present here. As the number of animals are in bound to increase in this area, government and forest and wildlife preservation aspects lot of visitors around the year.


Jungle walk:

you can enjoy a nature walk in the jungle in safety accompanied by our well-trained naturalist who through ancient groves of perch in a strategically located with the tower (Machan) to observe animals grazing, drinking at the pond or resting at the bushes.


Bird Watching:

Bird lovers will have many opportunities to see the different species of birds in the early morning as the new day dawns.

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