Dolpo region is a high altitude and culturally Tibetan region in the upper part of the Dolpo district of western, Nepal. Phoksundo and Mugu Karnali valley lies in the north west and the sixth highest mountain in the world Mt. Dhaulagiri (8172mtr.) lies in the south west of this region.Dolpo region is a home to some of the highest villages on earth, almost 90% of the region lies above 3500mtr. It is one of the least densely populated area of Nepal. Only five thousand population live in this region. Agriculture, Animal husbandry and trade are the main source of income of this Dolpo region. For travelers who cannot get enough the adventures and cultures of Dolpo, there is a longer route that takes them through several village. This is an opportunity for travelers to soak in more of the culture of Himalayan trips, and to challenge their physical capacity

More than 90% population of this region lives under the poverty line, literacy rate of Dolpo district is 54% where women literacy is even worse. This region is divided into Lower and Upper Dolpo. His majesty’s government of Nepal has referred as a ‘upper’ Dolpo, a destination which has restricted for foreigners from traveling extensively in this area.

The dominion of the western Tibetan dynasties over Dolpo was eclipsed during the fourteenth century by the principality of Lo (present day Mustang District ‘Lomangthang’, Nepal). Thereafter, Dolpo villagers paid tributes to the kingdom of Lo in forms of grains, labor, painting thangka and carving mani walls. Tenzein Norbu Sherpa counts among his ancestors painters paintings at Thubchen and Jampa monasteries. The 1999 French-Nepalese movie Himalaya, which gives insight into the local customs, was the first Nepalese film to be nominated for an Oscar award and also a huge success in Nepal itself, drawing the country’s attention to the region.

Below are the popular trekking routes of Dolpo region in Nepal.