About Tibet Travel, it is at a majestic height of 4,900m. located to the north-east of the Himalayas and towers high above the rest of Asia. In the last few years we have taken hundreds of foreigners to this hidden land, and changed their negative perception of Tibet as a remote and forbidden land.

Since it was isolated from the world until the early 20th century, it has now become the dream destination for travelers because most of its part is fresh and still virgin. It encompasses over 1500 lakes, vast plateaus, great river valleys and some of the most inspiring mountains in the world. It is believed that Buddhism was introduced here 1300 years ago by Guru Rinpoche, who was revered in Tibet almost as much as the historical Buddha, and had involved into a unique form called Lamaism or Varjayana Buddhism. It is also simply known as Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan history, culture and religion are intermingled within every aspect of social life. Tibetan religious arts have a distinctive style influenced by both Indian and Chinese Buddhist form creating a pearl of Asian Buddhist art.

Chinese Visa and Entry Procedure
According to Chinese Law, travelers who enter Tibet from Nepal or India are required to apply for Group Tourist Visa kind of single entry visa. This visa must be obtained at Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. Travelers have to enter China and leave China in a specified period of time which is given according to tour itinerary provided by us and not more than 30 days. If you have some other plan to do in China after the tour, please let us know so that we can help you to put the extra days you need into the tour itinerary.

Please be aware that the group visa is the only kind of visa that allows you to enter Tibet. Besides, the other kinds of Chinese visa you may obtain before automatically expire when you get the group visa.
Travelers need to arrive in Kathmandu several days before to wait the visa. You have to stay at least 1 working day (Any day among Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).
In order to get Chinese Visa, we will need a copy of your passport at least 20 days prior to the commencement of your trip, followed by your actual passport five days before the visa issuing days. If you are entering via mainland China you have to obtain Chinese visa from your home country. Visa regulation in Tibet keep changing please ask us for latest Tibet visa information.

The working day refers to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Note: Normal: 3 working days; Urgent: 2 working days; Top Urgent: 1 working day

Temperature and Wearing Accessories
Tibet will have it’s average temperature between 5-20 degree Celsius in the month of April through October. During trekking season, the night temperature in the mountain often falls below freezing. Therefore, you are required to have adequate warm clothes to save from extreme cold. Further, it will be better to dress in layers that can be easily put on & off as required. It is often advisable to carry raincoat because snow or rain can also occur sometimes.

Recommended wearing accessories:-

  • Thermal underwear, woolen or silk long sleeve tops & bottoms
  • Woolen shirts, pullover, pants, socks, hat, gloves & scarves
  • Down jacket or wind breaker
  • Good walking boots or shoes
  • Sun hat, sun glass, suntan lotion, torch light, pen knife
  • Medicine for common colds, headache, diarrhea & diamox against altitude sickness.

The roads in Tibet can at times become quite rough and impassable for many vehicles, so for this reason we use best Land cruiser 4WDs (Toyota 4500). These vehicles are extremely reliable and will make the journey as comfortable as possible. As for the trekking and climbing there will be a truck for carrying luggage and trek equipments. We’ll drive for several hours, stopping along the way for photographs or places of special interest, before stopping for lunch at around midday.

It is necessary to be physically fit & healthy for the participate on Tibet tour. Even if, there is no particular age limit guideline, child below 8 years or elderly people exceeding 70 years or more are not advisable to take participation. Doctor’s medical certificate is essential for trip participation. Further more, those who are sufferer of high blood pressure, heart problem or diabetic are not recommending for tour.

It is most advisable all clients to have full insurance against medical and person accident risk, natural calamities, political instability, etc.

ADVICE : Drink water as much as you can while on Tibet tour, Do not strain yourself, Move slowly, breath deeply, feel easy and take regulars rests.